Definition of fire drill in English:

fire drill


  • 1A practice of the emergency procedures to be used in case of fire.

    • ‘You students are in high school and should know what to do when a fire drill happens.’
    • ‘Some institutions consider this so serious that staff members may be suspended if they ignore their duties during a fire drill.’
    • ‘Jason thought, what a day to have a stupid fire drill.’
    • ‘Apparently, the call centre was evacuated earlier this afternoon as part of a fire drill, although it's understood to be a false alarm.’
    • ‘When you hold your fire drill, all family members should practise crawling on their hands and knees low under smoke, one to two feet above the ground where the air is cooler and cleaner.’
    • ‘At Kingston Museum, there is a World War II theme with Home Front Friends helping children try on tin helmets, learn about the wartime diet and practise fire drill, and there will be arts activities in the gallery.’
    • ‘If there hadn't been a fire drill he may not have been found for months!’
    • ‘If you had planned and practiced a home fire drill, you will know exactly what to do, almost automatically, to quickly and safely get out from a burning house.’
    • ‘Other scenarios to consider would be a notional bomb threat to a building, especially if it is a very large and prominent structure, or a simple fire drill in the same building.’
    • ‘Another way to identify problems that might occur during an evacuation is to perform a fire drill using only emergency lighting.’
    • ‘The fire drill should offer a realistic scenario involving an ignition, notification and evacuation.’
    • ‘‘There are no sprinkler systems, no fire exits,’ she says, ‘The company's 3,000 workers have never had a fire drill.’’
    • ‘‘Every time there's a fire drill, work stops,’ he says.’
    • ‘Suddenly the fire drill rang out, then abruptly stopped.’
    • ‘Around 4: 30 a.m., smelling smoke and hearing cries for help, students realized that the alarms sounding were not a fire drill and began fleeing the building.’
    • ‘We had just completed our fire drill for the session and sent campers back to their units and program areas and were making the notes on what was good and what needed to be changed.’
    • ‘It became obvious during the first fire drill that orders to evacuate required specific directives and that overhead pages sometimes were unclear.’
    • ‘In some jurisdictions, the fire department will evaluate new or existing emergency action plans and may be willing to observe the plan in action during a fire drill.’
    • ‘Every fire drill should be considered a forum for learning.’
    • ‘Since we have so many people in the house, Tommy and Kim have to do a fire drill at least every month and send a report to the agency about how we did.’
  • 2A primitive device for kindling fire, consisting of a pointed stick which is twirled in a hole in a flat piece of soft wood.

    • ‘Many early fire-makers learned to further improve the fire-drill by adding mechanical advantage to the technique.’
    • ‘There are two words in Old Icelandic that specifically refer to fire-drills.’
    • ‘Other Aboriginal groups around Australia used fire drills, flints and pyrites to make fire.’
    • ‘This was my first time using a fire drill, and I found the process pretty simple.’
    • ‘I decided to practise making fire with a fire drill to prepare for my trip’


fire drill