Definition of fire door in English:

fire door


  • 1A fire-resistant door to prevent the spread of fire.

    • ‘Regular inspections of the full fire protection system - from the alarms and sprinklers to fire-resistive construction details, fire doors and stairwell exits - is essential.’
    • ‘Plus, she props open the fire door, which is clearly marked ‘Fire Door, Keep Closed’, leaves all the lights on and the door to the basement unlocked.’
    • ‘Safety is easier than security - there is some assurance that buildings won't collapse, fire doors will work, and restaurant food will be disease-free - but it's nowhere near perfect.’
    • ‘A fire could spread from your tape safe room through the open fire door to the Computer Room!’
    • ‘Continue through one set of fire doors, past the water garden into the Easter Chick wing, through another few sets of fire doors (obviously we live in a building full of potential arsonists) until you arrive at an elevator.’
    • ‘Repairs to the building include the replacement of fire detection systems, emergency lighting, fire escapes and fire doors.’
    • ‘When you walk round a major fire the first thing that you notice on the outside is that all the fire doors are open.’
    • ‘George said that during the 1980's the Tasmanian Government removed asbestos from many buildings around town and the only asbestos that remained in the Transport Building was in two fire doors and a kitchen on the third floor.’
    • ‘In 2001 the council was fined £40,000 after an elderly woman died as a result of being knocked over by a fire door at a Grimsby care home.’
    • ‘He pleaded guilty to two matters at a hearing in December leaving combustible material, in this case bags of rubbish, in a corridor leading to a fire exit, and failing to ensure 17 fire doors within the building were kept closed.’
    • ‘Lt Downey says: ‘There is a lot of smoke damage but a fire door stopped damage coming through to the worship hall.’’
    • ‘At the level of the practice, teams and individuals need to take responsibility for safety it is their job to close a fire door that has been propped open.’
    • ‘During a fire emergency, close the fire doors and any other doors behind you as you escape.’
    • ‘Building codes detail what containment elements must be designed into the building, including fire-rated walls, fire doors, smoke dampers and enclosed stairwells.’
    • ‘She added that all the emergency systems, including the fire doors and smoke alarms, had worked perfectly and that customers were evacuated calmly but quickly.’
    • ‘It is long past time that proper fire doors were in place on all buildings, but especially residential premises.’
    • ‘This fact is attributed to the 30-year-old building's fire doors, which restricted the flames from spreading.’
    • ‘Mrs Walsh was exposed to more smoke than fellow residents as she insisted on her fire door being left open at night.’
    • ‘Some of these final jobs are crucial to making the guesthouse fully kosher; to qualify for a fire certificate, for example, I need a fire door between my living area and the guest area.’
    • ‘Luckily a fire door prevented the flames from spreading into the nearby restaurant area but everything in the kitchen was wrecked beyond repair.’
    1. 1.1 A door to the outside of a building used only as an emergency exit.
      • ‘I later noticed that the fire door had been opened, so that's probably where they made a quick exit.’
      • ‘The fire brigade assessed the situation upon arrival and made the decision that they did not need to break in through the fire door.’
      • ‘Without any further hesitation, Amanda spins around towards a darkened corridor nearby, hurrying to the fire door several yards away.’
      • ‘A crowbar was used to force open a fire door and phone lines were cut.’
      • ‘Ian reached the fire door, and yanked on the bar.’
      • ‘On other occasions, offenders have broken into the fire door and smashed up the cupboards in the kitchen.’
      • ‘By keeping the fire door locked and by locking the front entrance door, public safety was compromised.’
      • ‘Steven followed her out and closed the door quietly behind him as they tiptoed down the long corridor and exited the building through the fire door, which lead to the outskirts of the school premises.’
      • ‘Police couldn't contact the key holder of the club - and called out the fire brigade to force open a fire door to release the trapped student.’
      • ‘The rest of the workers evacuated, with some noticing others heading out the fire doors and leaving the building, so they followed them.’
      • ‘Sean Dagger eventually left by a fire door, triggering an automatic alarm, but had escaped by the time police arrived.’
      • ‘Nathan was able to bypass several security checks and walk out of a fire door that had been left unlocked.’
      • ‘Then in the second break-in, intruders forced open a fire door and took a video, speakers, disco lights and a projector, together worth about £1, 750.’
      • ‘A gang of marauding youngsters terrorised parish councillors by flinging a brick at the window of their meeting room and trying to force their way in through a fire door.’
      • ‘Former workers picketing outside one of the country's largest nursing homes say they had nothing to do with the nailing shut of a fire door at the 50-bed unit over the weekend.’
      • ‘The stairs between us and beer were crushed with ticket holders, so we slinked up the wrought-iron spiral-staircase and rapped on the glass until someone let us in the fire door.’
      • ‘When she pulled the alarm they made their escape empty-handed through a fire door.’
      • ‘Tracy said: ‘It looks as if they got in through a window and then got out through the fire door.’’
      • ‘Somehow they managed to get one of the fire doors open from the outside but fortunately the councillors were able to close it again from the inside.’
      • ‘On police advice they also put steel bars on windows but later a fire door was smashed open.’


fire door