Definition of fire department in English:

fire department


North American
  • The department of a local or municipal authority in charge of preventing and fighting fires.

    • ‘After the fire was under control, the fire department allowed us into the garage level to remove our cars.’
    • ‘Another source for information is your local fire department's hazardous material team.’
    • ‘To learn more about volunteer opportunities in your area, call your local fire department.’
    • ‘Soon the whole school was evacuated and the fire department on the way.’
    • ‘The office also coordinates action with local police and the fire department.’
    • ‘The local fire department had a huge influence on my life and my experiences there will never be forgotten.’
    • ‘They continued to fight the fire until the fire department arrived on scene.’
    • ‘The police descended, and with them came the fire department, ambulances, and a helicopter.’
    • ‘The local fire department had to be called in to extinguish the blaze.’
    • ‘If you're not sure where to start, contact your local fire department for recommendations.’
    • ‘One time, the local fire department had to be called to a store opening to control the mob.’
    • ‘A few minutes later the fire department arrived to evaluate the scene and verified the aircraft was safe.’
    • ‘Your local fire department may agree to put on a workshop for area contractors.’
    • ‘He then alerted paramedics and the volunteer fire department who were at the crash site in a short amount of time.’
    • ‘The municipal fire department was called and the firemen battled in a fruitless attempt to control the blaze.’
    • ‘They are designed to be used by trained staff in an attempt to put out a fire while waiting for the fire department to arrive.’
    • ‘The fire department responded in a short time, but it felt like an eternity for somebody sitting in a crippled jet.’
    • ‘My wife opened the front door - it was the fire department, wanting to know if we were OK.’
    • ‘We suggest that you also call your local fire department and ask it to do a safety inspection.’
    • ‘I directed him to call the fire department then try to extinguish the blaze.’


fire department