Definition of fire-stick farming in English:

fire-stick farming


mass nounAustralian
  • A method of vegetation control by burning, used by Aboriginals.

    ‘Cooloola's vegetation patterns were probably shaped by the fire-stick farming of its Aboriginal inhabitants’
    • ‘Cattle are the next best vegetative critter to retain the grasslands/environment created with firestick farming after kangaroos.’
    • ‘Aborigines adapted to the harsh landscape through the practice of fire-stick farming.’
    • ‘It was when man started fire-stick farming that allowed plants that need a conflagration to propagate to prosper.’
    • ‘Many trees which were young then are still standing as veterans, their lives first shaped by the Aboriginal fire-stick farming of the land.’
    • ‘In Central Australia, fire stick farming was performed to ensure maximum availability of food and movement for humans.’
    • ‘Firestick farming involves getting rid of long grass and grass seeds which impede travel.’
    • ‘Fire-stick farming is still used by some indigenous communities in the remote Northern Territory.’
    • ‘Some Aborigines are known to have practiced "fire-stick farming" in some regions.’
    • ‘Fire-stick farming was used very judiciously, many people think, to create this environmental mosaic.’
    • ‘Aboriginal people used firestick farming to encourage kangaroos to eat in 'farming' areas.’