Definition of fire-damaged in English:



  • Damaged or harmed by fire.

    ‘a contractor to repair your fire-damaged home’
    • ‘The first step is to prop up the fire-damaged building with safety scaffolding.’
    • ‘Salvage logging was proposed to allow loggers to remove diseased and fire-damaged trees from areas that are otherwise off-limits to the industry.’
    • ‘She had been helping her friend to move her belongings out of a fire-damaged house when police arrived.’
    • ‘The national trust has sought to halt the demolition of a mid-19th century, fire-damaged chapel, claiming it is still protected.’
    • ‘The external and internal dividing walls are the only substantial structural elements remaining in the fire damaged section of the building.’
    • ‘Students completed their restoration project to painstakingly renovate the fire-damaged pews and other fittings.’
    • ‘A €17 million project completed on the site last year restored a three-storey fire-damaged building.’
    • ‘The removal of the fire-damaged sections should have been completed by the end of 2002.’
    • ‘The foundation is now rebuilding the fire-damaged portion of the castle.’
    • ‘"The task of reconstructing the fire-damaged portions of downtown Frederick Street has already begun," she said.’