Definition of finito in English:



  • predicative Finished.

    ‘it's all done—finito’
    • ‘The age where pure idealism gets you places is gone, it is history, finito.’
    • ‘He shrugged my arm off his and replied over his shoulder, ‘It seems our fun is finito, love.’’
    • ‘But he insists that the performance in Shanghai later this year is ‘the absolute last - finito.’’
    • ‘‘We do not want to change it, it is done, finito,’ she said.’
    • ‘Winter is over, finito, and you are still as pale and wan as a custard donut.’
    • ‘Now, the idea was officially kaput, finito, dead, dead, dead, killed, even before it could engage in combat.’
    • ‘Just two more classes, three exams and a paper to hand in, then you're done, finished, finito.’
    • ‘It means that the Skorpion site as a very large employer is finito.’
    • ‘If I end up mentioning Andria / Dave / Trent / Renae too much yell at me because their story is finito, over, not the main concern anymore!’
    • ‘I mean lets face it, stay out of the game for too long and you are history, you're ghost, finito, its a rap.’