Definition of finishing line in English:

finishing line

(North American finish line)


  • A line marking the end of a race.

    ‘they crossed the finishing line’
    • ‘We do know that when you cross the finish line in a race first, you're the best person in that race.’
    • ‘It's like running a hundred yard dash and getting knocked down by the tape at the finish line.’
    • ‘When an elated Oxford crew crossed the finish line, Cambridge were two lengths behind.’
    • ‘We all want to be the one to cross the finish line with our arms thrown high in victory.’
    • ‘When I crossed the finish line today I knew it had been a great team effort.’
    • ‘I am very pleased to have crossed the finish line on my home circuit in front of the celebrating mechanics.’
    • ‘Points are awarded to the winner based on how much further ahead he was at the cross of the finish line.’
    • ‘Muscles tensed and eyes peeled, they push off for another dash and cross the finish line.’
    • ‘The only time I enjoy it is when I cross the finish line first on a Sunday.’
    • ‘But almost all of the 38 boats that started the race sailed past the finish line.’
    • ‘At this point we only hoped that we would cross the finish line before lurching to a complete stop.’
    • ‘After I crossed the finish line, I phoned my wife to tell her I had finished in one piece.’
    • ‘However, his impressive performance during the race saw him cross the finish line in 4th.’
    • ‘Three men from Chippenham raced through the finish line at the New York Marathon, achieving a life long dream.’
    • ‘Two cyclists race head-to-head, playing a waiting game, with the first to cross the finish line the winner.’
    • ‘His objective was to complete the race and reach the finish line, and he did.’
    • ‘Her efforts have been slightly marred by a hip injury but she's still determined to cross the finish line in good time.’
    • ‘He heard the bell ring for the last 200m, kicked, and slowed to a jog after crossing the finish line in first.’
    • ‘It's a matter of mind over body, the drive to cross the finish line at all costs.’
    • ‘Points were awarded to the first four riders crossing the finish line at each points lap.’
    finishing post, tape, end point
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finishing line

/ˈfɪnɪʃɪŋ ˌlʌɪn/