Definition of finisher in English:



  • 1A person or thing that finishes something.

    • ‘All group winners will advance to the Final Day as well as all second place finishers.’
    • ‘In anticipation, flatwork finishers are taking the time to get certified now.’
    • ‘Brett McClure was the top American finisher, placing sixth.’
    • ‘I applaud all the top 5 finishers, very decent reply times for e-mail, really all winners.’
    • ‘Oktay is a sharp finisher who will link with Andersson.’
    • ‘The top 25 finishers in the qualifying race would take to the track for that day's race.’
    • ‘Simonelli says that approximately 90 % of finishers use float pans today for normal floor installation work.’
    • ‘Cheltenham bet activity usually focuses around horses who have good stamina levels and who are strong finishers.’
    • ‘The top 20 finishers in each race will be invited to represent York Schools in cross-country fixtures next term.’
    • ‘The top finishers in each racing category were also honored.’
    • ‘He was well over a minute in front of the next finisher.’
    • ‘There was 191 finishers in the men's race.’
    • ‘Twice Mathias Jack powered his way into shooting range which might have brought greater reward had the opening fallen to a more accomplished finisher.’
    • ‘In 1989 the first five finishers all ran the marathon in less than one hour, 40 minutes.’
    • ‘The final race was the half marathon with 5,880 finishers.’
    • ‘She was a top ten finisher on American Idol back in 2005.’
    • ‘She had already completed an apprenticeship of three years as a fur finisher, before answering an advertisment for a fur finisher with Universal Furs.’
    • ‘He is a great finisher with an army of acrobatic dunks.’
    • ‘He won several matches before losing to the second and third place finishers.’
    • ‘She was the fifth woman and 36 th overall finisher.’
    1. 1.1 A person who reaches the end of a race or other competition.
      ‘all finishers will receive a commemorative medal’
      • ‘The trials will be staged on the opening day of the Billabong Pro with the top two finishers receiving wildcards into the country's most prestigious surfing event.’
      • ‘In addition to prizes for champions, second- and third-place finishers will receive awards.’
      • ‘Sally Blake and Fiona Hilton were the next Otley finishers in their first race recording times of 33: 54 and 33: 59 respectively.’
      • ‘The riders will compete for points, with the top four finishers of each race receiving points.’
      • ‘The starting whistle sounded at 11 a.m. for the first of the swimmers to take to the water and it was expected that the first finishers would complete the race by 1 p.m., which they did.’
      • ‘The first three finishers in each race will have weight added to their cars for the whole of the next meeting.’
      • ‘In the under-20 women's race, of 128 finishers, she came home in 26th place and picked up a team silver medal in this age group.’
      • ‘Most of the finishes were close - sometimes there was only half a boat length separating the first, second and third place finishers.’
      • ‘Cash prizes and trophies are on offer for the first, second and third men and women across the line in the road race, and all finishers will be given medals.’
      • ‘The runnerup will earn $1,000, and the third-place finisher will receive $500.’
      • ‘The race's top two finishers also battled in the Fantasy Stakes at Oaklawn Park on April 15.’
      • ‘Not only did they have the top male and female finisher in this race but last Sunday had a female competitor win the Courts Women on the Move 5k race.’
      • ‘Besides the trophies and money prizes for winners, over 100 attractive lucky draw prizes such as domestic flights, hotel accommodation, lunch and dinner vouchers, and running gear await the race finishers.’
      • ‘He's also timed it so that he's going out as the first finishers in the race are coming in.’
      • ‘New York is also in third place with 34,729 finishers in 2003.’
      • ‘The top 20 finishers in each race will be invited to represent York Schools in cross-country fixtures next term.’
    2. 1.2British (in soccer) a goalscorer.
      ‘he is one of the best finishers at the club’
      • ‘There is no proven finisher at the club now that Robbie Blake has left and that is the one piece of the jigsaw all fans are waiting to see slotted into place.’
      • ‘Newcomer Tom Muldoon has been the top Club finisher in Achill and Westport and a great result is expected from himself and Eoin Cunningham.’
      • ‘The Scotsman was called upon to do a job, and the man AJ calls ‘the best finisher at the club’ duly rolled back the years.’
      • ‘Their centres are deadly finishers on their day and I am sure they be will be up for this one.’
      • ‘The centre-forward is a big addition, there are workers and there are finishers, and he's both.’
      • ‘London Irish couldn't believe their luck, snapping up one of the best buys of the season, a finisher of proven pedigree in the prime of his career.’
    3. 1.3 A worker or machine performing the last operation in a manufacturing process.
      ‘he worked in a cloth mill as a finisher’
      • ‘Consult with an installer, the finisher or the manufacturer if there is any doubt of the kind of floor finish.’
      • ‘Frank worked at Michelin for 33 years as a tyre maker, finisher and as a loader but originally moved down to Burnley from Scotland at the age of 15 to join the ranks of Burnley FC.’
      • ‘Mostly, they are skilled workers, such as carpenters, machinists, painters, wood finishers, tool makers, railroad workers, garage mechanics.’
      • ‘After the finishers completed the troweling process, they covered the slab with polyethylene sheets for a 7-day curing period.’
      • ‘You don't have to hire a mason, a formwork carpenter, a concrete finisher, a pump and rebar guy.’
      • ‘Farm finisher Jen Snyder executed the design, which she limited to one wall to keep it from overwhelming the room.’
      • ‘The directors examined the needs of the end-users of the glue dots, which tended to be labour-intensive contract packers or print finishers who added the free products to the magazines once they had been printed.’
  • 2An animal that has been fattened ready for slaughter.

    as modifier ‘finisher pigs’
    • ‘The amount of energy needed for body fat gain is higher than that for muscle gain and is the major reason for the higher feed conversion of finisher pigs.’
    • ‘Consequently, finisher pigs that have higher rates of muscle growth will have a higher dietary amino-acid requirement than those with lower rates of muscle growth.’
    • ‘Ergot-infested grain should never be fed to pregnant animals and should be used sparingly in grower / finisher pig diets.’