Definition of fingerpost in English:



  • A post at a road junction from which signs project in the direction of the place or route indicated.

    • ‘I'm no expert, but I believe the determined stalker is not going to be put off by the lack of a stile and a fingerpost pointing in the direction of a private house.’
    • ‘But fly fishing instructor Doug Lock, who has taken down the fingerpost sign for his stud farm, is not impressed.’
    • ‘A fingerpost sign gave me hope: ‘Crystal Palace Park 1’.’
    • ‘At two-way fingerpost, fork right downhill, 50 yards, footbridge and left, uphill, gap in fence and stay up by fence/wall (ignoring left fork 20 yards after fence gap).’
    • ‘No matter, because a new fingerpost points down Potter Lane, a sunken track, wall and gorse each side with foxgloves ready to overwinter in the algae green rocks.’
    • ‘Countryside Agency spokesman Chris Dashper said community involvement in caring for local heritage such as fingerposts was valued, as such features could contribute to a sense of place and identity.’
    • ‘A route option for the agile: At new fingerpost (signed to Scackleton), track on right through Lodge Farm (no house), left after first barn, right so barn to right, track to wood edge, stile between pile of tyres and rusting muck spreader.’
    • ‘It will incorporate improvements to drainage and surfacing along with new access gates, fingerposts and other suitable way-markings to help navigation.’
    • ‘They call for ancient fingerposts and milestones to be maintained regularly by councils and, where possible, reintroduced as part of village design blueprints.’
    • ‘The estate road takes us another half-mile and here there is a two-way fingerpost.’
    • ‘Join farm track to left of farm at gate and fingerpost.’
    • ‘By Easter, the group plans to launch a new village leaflet incorporating a town trail, put up a new fingerpost directing visitors to places of interest and install framed village maps at Foxfield Close and in the village square.’
    • ‘A fingerpost bore an admirable red warning sign, a new one on me, it read: ‘East Riding of Yorkshire Council - Criminal Damage Act 1971 - It is an offence to tamper with this sign… £1,000 fine… 6 months imprisonment…’’
    • ‘At Blanch Farm there's a fingerpost with two fingers and six additional arrows, East Riding council are the masters of waymarking.’
    • ‘If a trader wishes to put up a fingerpost sign, sandwich board or tables and chairs on the streets they will be required to pay annual licence fees of between 125 and 630.’
    pole, stake, upright, shaft, prop, support, picket, strut, pillar, pale, paling, column, piling, standard, stanchion, pylon, stave, rod, newel, baluster, jamb, bollard, mast
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