Definition of fingerhold in English:



  • 1A small indentation or projection where a person can lodge a finger to support themselves.

    • ‘She scrambled frantically at the rock with her left, found a fingerhold and dangled precariously over a vertical drop.’
    • ‘He's one of those movie actors that can bite nails in two and climb up the side of a church with only a fingerhold.’
    • ‘She could not believe that the goats could climb so steep an incline so nimbly, when she was barely able to find a fingerhold in the rock.’
    • ‘Progress was painfully slow: they had to test every fingerhold before they dared trust it with their weight.’
    • ‘A thought-provoking reach from a sharp fingerhold on the roof's lip gains a strenuous and exposed upper wall.’
    grip, firm contact, attachment, hold, foothold, footing, toehold, anchorage, support, grasp
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    1. 1.1 A tenuous grasp on something.
      ‘the script gives her no more than a fingerhold on the story’
      ‘the final fingerhold on fame’
      • ‘The hope is that the numbers can be crunched in some direction which will offer enough of a fingerhold to justify a decision.’
      • ‘Her sole fingerhold on the network, her Sunday show, is going to be taken over by Letitia.’
      • ‘The extent to which beliefs can be modified by doubt gives me a bit of a fingerhold onto how beliefs can be chosen by dint of one's will.’
      • ‘He stated that the Vote is little more than a fingerhold on democracy.’
      • ‘The earliest settlers had little time for aesthetic pursuits during their first decades of hewing out a tenuous fingerhold on the North American mainland.’