Definition of fingerboard in English:



  • A flat or roughly flat strip on the neck of a stringed instrument, against which the strings are pressed to shorten the vibrating length and produce notes of higher pitches.

    • ‘So, sometimes I write down names of chords, or I draw little pictures of the guitar fingerboard to show left-hand fingerings.’
    • ‘On another occasion I labelled the complete fingerboard showing the notes at each and every fret position.’
    • ‘It has a fairly light basswood body, a knife edge whammy which has three springs tightened down and maple neck with a rosewood fingerboard.’
    • ‘His hands raced frenetically and gracefully up and down the fingerboard, offering now a nimble arpeggio or a powerful scale pattern.’
    • ‘My fingerboard gets sticky and I get fed-up and want to sit in the garden.’
    • ‘It has 19 strings, extra fingerboard and its sound has a unique vibrancy combining the techniques of the sitar, the sarod and the veena.’
    • ‘The pipa is a plucked string instrument with a fretted fingerboard.’
    • ‘Suddenly, the bow in Taryn's hand slid up and down vigorously, her fingers flying over the fingerboards.’
    • ‘Knees bent and her head bobbing, Liadan's fingers fairly fly across the fingerboard as she bends her pick out of shape.’
    • ‘The strings had snapped, the fingerboard was half off, the ornate bridge had shattered and the tailpiece had fallen off.’
    • ‘She watched his fingers flash across the fingerboard of his black bass guitar.’
    • ‘Pitch is determined by sliding the fingernail against the string rather than pressing it against a fingerboard (like violin).’
    • ‘The archlute and the chitarrone or theorbo had, in addition to the strings on the fingerboard, open bass strings on an extended neck with a second pegbox.’
    • ‘Joey had his violin on the floor, and he was trying to blow some dust off the fingerboard.’
    • ‘He fixed her fingers in position, then placed his hand back to his own fingerboard.’
    • ‘Topher picked up his precious instrument and inspected the fingerboard.’
    • ‘This huge instrument - played by a system of moveable keys pressing the strings on the fingerboard, activated by levers and pedals - in fact only sounded a mere octave lower than the cello.’
    • ‘He traced the flawless black ivory of the fingerboard, moving up to the tuning pegs, to continued on to curl along with the scroll at the end.’
    • ‘Medieval examples do have the fingerboard, allowing a wide range of notes to be played, however without this piece, the Rebec becomes a five ‘note’ instrument, possibly being used purely as an accompanying drone.’