Definition of finger roll in English:

finger roll


  • 1A soft bread roll with a long, narrow shape.

    ‘prawn and avocado finger rolls’
    • ‘The commercials focus on two products—sausage rolls and Big Softees (large finger rolls with a choice of fillings).’
    • ‘Grilled or fried sausages are always welcome as a filling in hot finger rolls.’
    • ‘The garlic bread was a sesame-seeded finger roll that had been split, toasted, and drenched in garlic butter.’
    • ‘According to the Edinburgh-based entrepreneur, the days of reheated rubbery wieners, boiled onions and stale finger rolls are numbered.’
  • 2Basketball
    A type of lay-up shot in which the player shoots with their palm facing away from the basket, rolling the ball off the tips of their outstretched fingers.

    ‘he spun away from Wilcox and scored with a finger roll’
    • ‘The Raptors tried everything to stop him, but Monroe was nearly unstoppable with finger rolls and jump shots.’
    • ‘His shots around the rim are all soft floaters and finger rolls.’
    • ‘Early in the third quarter, he attacked the rim for a finger roll.’
    • ‘A minute later, Ellis put the Bucks back up by seven with a driving finger roll.’
    • ‘His finger roll lay-in at the buzzer sent State packing.’