Definition of finger food in English:

finger food


mass noun
  • Food served in such a form and style that it can conveniently be eaten with the fingers.

    • ‘Music on the night will be provided by Pat Bermingham and finger food will be served.’
    • ‘Lunches are finger food - sliced meat and cheese, good bread, leftover veggies in vinaigrette, fruit, out on the dock.’
    • ‘I wanted to make some kind of crostini (little toasts with a topping) because they are easy enough to assemble, they look pretty and they make a very satisfying finger food.’
    • ‘These no-nonsense places have brought sushi back to where it started as a cheap, nourishing finger food for the masses.’
    • ‘Just serve it chopped, or give it as finger food.’
    • ‘There will be a full bar in operation and finger food will be served at the interval.’
    • ‘It can be purchased, like many of their salads, prewrapped; it's perfect for lunches or sliced into finger food for parties.’
    • ‘And naturally, the multitude of sandwiches and finger food doesn't just fall from the sky, nor do the volunteers for that matter.’
    • ‘First and second prizes will be presented following the game and finger food will be served.’
    • ‘Our friends with the kids had put on an impressive spread of finger food and desserts, which was nice.’
    • ‘Leading up to the count down, guests were served with an array of lavish finger food, champagne and wine, in the marquee that was immaculately designed in their chosen colours, red and white.’
    • ‘The Rocky Racoons played for the occasion, finger food was also served.’
    • ‘Christenings increasingly call for finger food, light bright sponge cakes and Pavlovas, rather than a sit-down feast.’
    • ‘Of course, it would also make a very nice opener, or even finger food, if cut into bite-size pieces.’
    • ‘There will be a questions and answers session and finger food will be served.’
    • ‘The guests talked for about an hour and a half in the Opera House's northern annex, dining on finger food such as smoked salmon on buckwheat pancakes and Vietnamese spring rolls.’
    • ‘Even the few fancy items on the menu - Maryland crabcakes and crab dip (mashed crab and cheese) with crackers - are all finger food.’
    • ‘I was at a small function a couple of weeks ago that served finger food.’
    • ‘The six didn't know much about the restaurant business, but they knew what they liked: finger food, girls, and golden oldies on the jukebox.’
    • ‘Alternatively, cut in cubes and serve as a finger food, possibly skewered on a little toothpick, with a cherry-tomato half and/or a small piece of cheese.’
    starter, canapé, first course, titbit, savoury, snack
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finger food