Definition of finger biscuit in English:

finger biscuit


  • A biscuit with a long, narrow shape.

    ‘a packet of sponge finger biscuits’
    • ‘Make the top of the clock tower by building another mini tower of finger biscuits under the roof and resting the clock faces against the mini tower on each side.’
    • ‘It's no longer just those sponge finger biscuits and cream and fruit, now people are going for trifles with macaroons, chocolate liqueur mousse and panettone.’
    • ‘He stood close to the open door with a box of chocolate finger biscuits in one hand and a packet of crisps in the other.’
    • ‘Use three packets of finger biscuits crushed and spread on the inside of a ration pack lid for the biscuit base.’
    • ‘Their tiramisu has been a firm favourite for years, the finger biscuits soaked in espresso and Kahlua.’
    • ‘Sponge finger biscuits continued to be made after the larger sponge cake became a separate variety in the 18th century.’
    • ‘"Would you like a cup of tea and a finger biscuit?" the receptionist asked.’
    • ‘What follows is the dinner party from hell: no food but chocolate finger biscuits and cheesy crisps.’
    • ‘To decorate, place the chocolate finger biscuits on the surface of the cake to create a snowflake pattern and then stick in the chocolate buttons sandwiched together to produce the snowflakes tips’
    • ‘Open a packet of sponge finger biscuits, dip the biscuits in the coffee mixture and then arrange a layer of soaked biscuits in the bowl.’