Definition of finger-licking in English:



North American
  • Very tasty; delicious.

    as submodifier ‘finger-licking good’
    • ‘They were tired of ruffians trying to loot the place for finger-licking baked potato skins.’
    • ‘Not only did he see the Seventh Wonder of the World, but he also dined on the finger-licking dhum pukht cuisine, danced with village women, spotted a tiger and took home a gift of frogs set with semi-precious stones.’
    • ‘These were finger-licking good and a great mix of flavors: Picard really makes desserts worthy of the best pâtisseries.’
    • ‘Fat and sugar, as I blogged here, are what make foods finger-licking good.’
    • ‘The five-spice flavoured chicken feet, however, are finger-licking good.’
    • ‘Since it'll just be the two of you at the table, you can indulge in all sorts of messy, finger-licking dishes.’
    • ‘These are finger-licking good, especially served on a plate drizzled with chocolate and a big squirt of whipped cream.’
    • ‘The original shrimp cocktail glazed with finger-licking good dressing always does the trick.’
    • ‘After trying out her finger-licking recipes, you can get all set to see her on the silver screen!’
    • ‘Maybe you convinced a partner that their cold, lumpy, deflated cheese souffle was finger-licking good - before you surreptitiously scraped it into the dog's bowl.’
    • ‘The audience gasped and then he said, ‘You know, I went to his restaurant [in Georgia] and the fried chicken wasn't finger-licking good.’’
    • ‘I recently told a friend that I had found a place that would help convert his fear of raw fish into unbridled, finger-licking lust.’
    • ‘Chewing pork ribs with meat that falls off the bone, glazed in a finger-licking sticky sauce, is one of the pleasures I enjoy on holiday.’
    juicy, moist, luscious, lush, fleshy, pulpy, soft, tender, fresh, ripe
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