Definition of fineness in English:



  • See fine

    • ‘He received the wool in huge bales and then graded it according to length and fineness, before despatching it to the cloth-maker or dealer.’
    • ‘The fineness of the mesh makes them completely watertight.’
    • ‘Rock salt is what the salt mined from underground is called, whether it is literally mined in solid form (a practice now rare) or pumped up to the surface and then evaporated, to be crystallized to the desired degree of fineness.’
    • ‘When she reached back to feel it, however, it felt thicker than she remembered, for she had always lamented the fineness of her hair. ‘Uh huh.’’
    • ‘Broadly speaking, the modular design is perhaps the most flexible, but it may sacrifice fineness of control for generality of purpose.’