Definition of financial intermediary in English:

financial intermediary


  • An institution, such as a bank, building society, or unit-trust company, that holds funds from lenders in order to make loans to borrowers.

    • ‘Additional funding is expected from community development financial intermediaries, direct lenders, and equity investors.’
    • ‘In both Japan and Germany, banks and other financial intermediaries play much more influential roles.’
    • ‘Goldsmith was successful in documenting the evolution of national financial systems, especially the evolution of financial intermediaries.’
    • ‘The seventeenth century lacked financial intermediaries that could solve the information problems separating lenders from borrowers.’
    • ‘The changes will include greater riskiness of the credit structure, an economy more vulnerable to financial panic, and a reduced role for securities markets in favor of giant financial intermediaries.’
    • ‘Although borrowers and financial intermediaries may rejoice at first as competition from the Treasury fades, most will eventually discover that market discipline has become much harsher.’
    • ‘It has long been known that financial intermediaries whose liabilities are guaranteed by the government pose a serious problem of moral hazard.’
    • ‘Disclosure legislation, which was introduced last January, obliges financial intermediaries to show you (in print) exactly how much you are paying in annual charges to them and the companies they represent.’
    • ‘In a natural system of money production, banks would grant credit only as financial intermediaries.’
    • ‘Managed funds can usually be bought directly from the fund provider or through a financial intermediary.’
    • ‘What we are doing here is lending money to financial intermediaries, which means that we are transferring claims on real savings to financial intermediaries.’
    • ‘The costing of such a policy, which includes the commission for the financial intermediary selling the policy, is amongst others determined by the term the client elects the contract to run.’
    • ‘These activities include medium enterprises, which are not well catered for financially by the existing financial intermediaries.’
    • ‘Ironically, a financial structure that focuses on the transfer of assets from the books of financial intermediaries to those of investors may entail a greater increase in risk for the intermediaries than for the investors.’
    • ‘There is little return to credit risk analysis then in the second tier of financial intermediaries.’
    • ‘Also, the amount of money that an annuity will pay out varies (sometimes greatly) between financial intermediaries selling these products, so it's best to shop around and avoid making quick decisions.’
    • ‘The financial intermediary receives a fee, the institution receives a fee and the wrap fund manager receives a fee.’
    • ‘Indeed, the Taylor proposal is widely viewed as the lesser of two evils among sovereign issuers, financial intermediaries, and informed investors.’
    • ‘This refusal will make their notes less liquid and therefore discourage financial intermediaries from making these loans in the first place.’
    • ‘To do this, it enters into a forward contract with a financial intermediary (usually a commercial bank) which now assumes the foreign exchange risk for a commission.’