Definition of financial in English:


Pronunciation /fɪˈnanʃ(ə)l//fʌɪˈnanʃ(ə)l/


  • 1Relating to finance.

    ‘an independent financial adviser’
    • ‘The market in telecommunications and financial services will be slow to recover.’
    • ‘The financial regulator said it was a chronology of events rather than an explanation of what had happened.’
    • ‘Its characteristics differed to all of the other financial assets in the portfolio.’
    • ‘The central bank activities go beyond the central bank immediate financial gain.’
    • ‘This goes to the heart of the group's financial controls and financial reporting.’
    • ‘Try to calculate how much more interest you may earn over the course of a year, or ask your financial adviser.’
    • ‘It was set up to give consumers a free, independent service for resolving disputes with financial firms.’
    • ‘Regardless of the rules of a scheme, no pension fund is immune to financial disaster.’
    • ‘In a gesture of support, the US has said it is in favour of Uruguay being bailed out of its financial crisis.’
    • ‘For personal finances we have a financial adviser who helps me and my wife keep on top of things.’
    • ‘Every asset manager needs a financial framework in his head to rationalise what he is doing.’
    • ‘Which economic statistics give us the greatest guidance as to our financial future?’
    • ‘The decision, widely expected by economists, had little impact on the financial markets.’
    • ‘The financial restructuring of the games changed their traditional roots as well.’
    • ‘History provides many examples where problems in the financial sector led to monetary instability.’
    • ‘It was set up by law to help consumers settle complaints against financial firms’
    • ‘Are interest rates in financial markets and the real economy distinct phenomena?’
    • ‘Several trust funds have been established to offer financial help in managing debt problems.’
    • ‘Now this is the sort of qualification you're looking for in a financial adviser.’
    • ‘Your employer has just passed the risk of ongoing financial market turbulence to you.’
    monetary, money, economic, pecuniary, banking, commercial, business, investment, accounting, fiscal, budgetary
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    1. 1.1Australian, NZ informal Possessing money.
    2. 1.2Australian, West Indian, NZ (of a member of a club or society) paid-up.


  • 1The finances or financial situation of an organization or individual.

    ‘he needs to pay serious attention to his financials, particularly cash flow’
    • ‘What better time to share your financials with your employees?’
    • ‘Sector trends and price pressures will weigh on the shares, but with the financials in better order and takeover speculation continuing to surround the company, the current price will be supported.’
    • ‘Combine strong growth with weaker-than-expected financials, and chances rise that Netflix will be acquired.’
    • ‘You should read everything written on the company, especially the financials, and determine if the company has adequate liability coverage for directors.’
    • ‘Samberg and Stein lock up their investors in a private equity part of their firm for years, keep their financials secret, and stick with investments for as long as five to seven years.’
    • ‘For each of the 300 companies that he eyed last year as possible investments, his team produced three-page reports analyzing financials and outlooks for their industries.’
    • ‘The company has announced it will write down $4 billion in assets and restate financials for three quarters in 2001.’
    • ‘Look beyond the financials to its culture, history and particularly its management structure.’
    • ‘It's one of the country's strongest brands, with a strong asset base and sound financials.’
    • ‘The glimpse into the company's financials, released on Apr. 29, reveals one certainty: There's plenty of money to be made in the search game.’
    • ‘For low-tech companies with strong financials, good growth potential, and a well-thought-out exit strategy, the right investor may well be out there somewhere.’
    • ‘On Jan. 31, it issued new financials showing fiscal 2004 stock options costing $38 million, a drop of more than $20 million.’
    • ‘If the business has been managed to minimize taxes - say, by providing its owners with generous compensation and plenty of perks - your accountant can recast the financials to reflect the elimination of those costs.’
    • ‘The SEC said Andersen hadn't raised objections to company financials that overstated Waste Management's income by more than $1 billion.’
    • ‘Experts in the City of London say the team's financials aren't strong enough to support the new debt Glazer is expected to take on.’
    • ‘And retaining a small threshold offers at least some incentive for prospective investors to spend the hours leafing through the company's financials and gaining a more thorough understanding of the business.’
    • ‘In most cases, you can rely on credible professionals and on financials prepared by the corporation or its auditor to exonerate you if you have acted in good faith.’
    • ‘As long as a substantial number of investors look only at financials, they will seek out the pariah firms (oil companies, pornographers, management consultants) whenever they become cheap.’
    • ‘Many organizations with excellent accounting records and capable staff still rely on their auditors for the preparation of the year-end financials, if only for efficiency.’
    • ‘The company has always employed a due-diligence process for new customers, which includes analyzing credit reports and financials for revenue and profit trajectories.’
    1. 1.1 Shares in financial companies.
      ‘at the end of the year fund managers sell their worst-performing stocks—and financials have fared badly this year’
      • ‘The gain in the financials was certainly not due to improved conditions in the credit market.’
      • ‘The sector had high weightings in financials at around 26.6% and low weightings in telecom stocks of 6.2%.’
      • ‘Earnings are forecast to rise in seven of the S&P's 10 broad sectors - including energy, financials, industrials, and consumer staples.’
      • ‘The unfolding credit market dislocation took direct aim at the blue chips and financials this week.’
      • ‘A major squeeze also developed throughout the financials, especially in the subprime, consumer lending, and brokerage sectors.’
      • ‘Unsurprisingly, our preferred method of stock screening throws out a large number of Irish and British financials that pay annual dividends in excess of prevailing cash deposit rates.’
      • ‘In the local market the leaders have benefited for their patience in holding Elan, and some have supported the financials, which gained significantly in the past week.’
      • ‘The financials have had a big rally with the S&P Bank index gaining about 4% and the Bloomberg Wall Street index surging 9%.’
      • ‘Market breadth has improved dramatically as investors take money out of tech stocks and move it to other parts of the market: consumer services, health care, financials.’
      • ‘And people were staying away from the Irish financials because of the tax levy.’
      • ‘In London, a swathe of heavyweight companies slumped, with telecoms, oil, financials and defence stocks among those hit.’
      • ‘The fund is invested in energy companies, financials and consumer stocks.’
      • ‘In the case of the financials, we are at a point in the interest-rate cycle at which this sector underperforms the market.’
      • ‘Irish financials have seriously underperformed due to ingrained scepticism on the part of some international investors about the Irish economy's ability to avoid a crash.’