Definition of finance company in English:

finance company

(British finance house)


  • A company concerned primarily with providing money, e.g. for hire-purchase transactions.

    • ‘If you buy a car on hire purchase, your contract is with the finance company, not the retailer (they are usually separate companies).’
    • ‘The finance house owns the vehicle and you buy it from them by spreading monthly payments, which include the total cost of the vehicle plus interest, over a specified period of time.’
    • ‘The finance house was the main mover in the deal, having come up with the plan to rescue the travel business.’
    • ‘You can also release value from existing assets by selling shares to a finance house or another individual.’
    • ‘The Government says that all of that is caught by the description of fees, but the point is the fees relate to the transaction between the finance company and the borrower.’
    • ‘This form of purchase is arranged through a finance house and the capital cost plus interest is spread over three or four years.’
    • ‘The Harley Medical Group does not offer finance packages for prospective clients, but put interested clients in contact with GE Capital, a finance house based in Dublin.’
    • ‘The result of all this self-interest and tunnel vision: GM has effectively become a finance company that actually loses money making cars.’
    • ‘Thus, a finance company may grant its bank a charge over amounts due under all its hire-purchase agreements to secure its overdraft.’
    • ‘If you have funded the payment of your car through a finance arrangement, the finance company may also be responsible to you.’
    • ‘Analysts said just three or four companies were likely to make money in the British market, and a merging of several firms by a finance house could make sense.’
    • ‘The court heard that the wife got £22,168 from the £210,000 sale of the house and the finance company got all its money back.’
    • ‘However, if the club goes into administration, the finance company will be forced to join the growing list of creditors.’
    • ‘The previous year, the three men hired a corporate finance house to find a buyer for the company.’
    • ‘The second was the fact that the finance company had been running on a strategy causing them to absorb enormous amounts of cash, which we didn't have, so we needed to come up with a new business model.’
    • ‘For example, you borrow £15,000 from a finance house to buy a car.’
    • ‘Unlike previous newspaper sales, the vendors chose not to seek the advice of a corporate finance house, but negotiated the deal themselves.’
    • ‘A commercial finance company is a financial institution without a bank charter that makes loans secured with accounts receivables.’
    • ‘A person may be able to borrow money from a finance company over a 3-year period.’
    • ‘I contacted a finance company I had used for small-scale commercial leasing.’
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finance company