Definition of final invoice in English:

final invoice


  • A statement of the total money owed for goods or services that is sent once work has been completed or goods supplied.

    ‘the customer failed to pay the final invoice’
    • ‘I suggest we send them the final invoice for services rendered.’
    • ‘Final invoices may be prepared by either party and shall be settled without delay.’
    • ‘Once all the bookings are done, the travel agent needs to send a final invoice to the customer.’
    • ‘She said that anything I had paid on my final invoice was final.’
    • ‘Inform them of what they owe you for work to date and that you'll forward the final invoice to them in the mail.’
    • ‘The registration fee is usually deducted from the final invoice.’
    • ‘They would only disable the program if the customer failed to pay the final invoice.’
    • ‘At your request, I am writing to you regarding final invoices for our old rental property.’
    • ‘A final invoice would be available only two days after the vehicle was returned.’
    • ‘The rather bland quality of the final product is only overshadowed by the thick final invoice, which details so very many billable hours.’