Definition of final demand in English:

final demand


  • A creditor's last request for payment of money owed, before taking punitive measures.

    as modifier ‘final-demand letters’
    • ‘Head of finance Trevor Teasdale said: ‘If these people get bills, reminders, and final demands I do not think they can complain if we use other methods to get the money.’’
    • ‘The hard-up Robins board have confirmed they've just received the final demand to pay off Inland Revenue debts of £43,000 - backed up by the taxman's threat to serve the club with a winding-up order unless they cough up quickly.’
    • ‘But the family, who describe themselves as working class, say putting three children through private education has financially crippled them and they will have to go into debt to meet the final demand.’
    • ‘Maybe, but what about that stack of bills and final demands on my desk?’
    • ‘My wife has even left me over this and I am receiving final demands for unpaid bills.’
    • ‘This exorbitant amount will now be paid at my convenience, and if this means waiting for final demands, then so be it.’
    • ‘‘They sent me a final demand for rent in my own house because even though I have not been given a penny or an offer, they claim they now own it,’ she explained.’
    • ‘They promptly sent out a final demand to his home warning him that failure to pay would result in him being taken to court.’
    • ‘I've sent an invoice, statements, reminders, and a final demand which I delivered in person.’
    • ‘But he had become increasingly tetchy during the previous two weeks - final demands for unpaid bills, his mum nagging him all the time, the boss going on about bringing in more orders.’
    • ‘There would be some weeks when I'd be dodging the rent man or let the telly money go until I got the final demand letter threatening to repossess it.’
    • ‘Authority members have agreed to pay the final demand for the first payment of £834,046.’
    • ‘How good is it going to be to find my package with my name on it in some low-life's bin bag along with one of his Ocean Finance final demands with his name and address on?’
    • ‘There was a final demand for payment from Anglian Water threatening legal fees would be added to the bill, but I have no recollection of the original bill.’
    • ‘This stemmed from a final demand for £34.72 I received from the firm 10 months after I had moved to a new house in April 2003, when I organised the supply of both gas and electricity from Npower.’
    • ‘They are then sent a notice of the fine and then a final demand.’
    • ‘Susan is even more perplexed because the final demands were jointly addressed to her and Alfie.’
    • ‘Anyone not paying up will be sent two reminders and then a final demand calling on them to pay the full amount for the year.’
    • ‘Symantec claims that Verisign does not send bills or final demands for renewal of digital certificates.’
    • ‘You need to escape but can't; avalanched under a mount of missed deadlines & final demands.’