Definition of final cause in English:

final cause


  • The purpose or aim of an action or the end towards which a thing naturally develops.

    • ‘The four aspects are the formal cause, the material cause, the efficient cause, and the final cause.’
    • ‘It cannot be the final cause since a final cause perfects a thing, but does not establish it in being, which is what the agent intellect does for the soul.’
    • ‘Which means that Aristotle identified final causes with formal causes as far as living organisms are concerned.’
    • ‘He does not attribute intentions to animals and plants, nor does he suppose that the final causes of their activities are what they themselves purpose.’
    • ‘Particularly at issue in the exegesis of Darwin's text was whether he considered natural selection to be an efficient cause, a final cause, a result of other causes, or a simple description of the working of several independent factors.’