Definition of filtration in English:



mass noun
  • The action or process of filtering something.

    ‘small particles are difficult to remove without filtration’
    • ‘The bugs cannot be treated using chlorine but are usually removed by filtration.’
    • ‘They prevent proper filtration of waste material through the soil layers.’
    • ‘To address the potential risk, it is important to remove gels by screen filtration.’
    • ‘It is a wholesale and humiliating process of filtration.’
    • ‘The beer is produced through cold filtration and is not pasteurised.’
    • ‘This is further refined by carbon filtration to remove any traces of molasses before crystallization.’
    • ‘Apparently it goes through three stages of filtration, but all the same, you wouldn't want to be caught in an avalanche of it, would you?’
    • ‘Essential filtration and heating equipment had to be installed at the 20-year-old pool.’
    • ‘Custom tanks for large specialty fish can run in the thousands of dollars, plus extra for proper heating and filtration.’
    • ‘The word seems to imply the wine is somehow better, but filtration has no correlation with quality.’
    • ‘It is this filtration that removes some of the harsher flavour in the whiskey and the end product is a smoother and mellower taste.’
    • ‘The filtration is carried out in three stages - primary, intermediate and final.’
    • ‘Engineer Bill Moorhouse explained that a problem remained with filtration, but that it could be fixed.’
    • ‘In the first step, large contaminants were removed by filtration through filter paper.’
    • ‘That idea would help water be absorbed locally and cleaned naturally through ground filtration.’
    • ‘Filters would be used to improve filtration of outside air and eliminate re-circulated air.’
    • ‘No filtration is proposed for the emissions that would include carbon monoxide, sulphur dioxide and lead.’
    • ‘The mixture was sterilized by sequential filtration through 0.45 and 0.22 m filters.’
    • ‘Lastly, does the water filtration and circulation process cope with keeping the water in the pools clean?’
    • ‘See also filtration, which cannot remove these soluble substances and acts only on particulates.’
    oozing, seeping, trickle, trickling, drip, dribble, flow, issuance, discharge, excretion, escape, leak, leakage, drainage, bleeding, sweating, welling, leaching, percolation, secretion
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