Definition of filter paper in English:

filter paper


  • A piece of porous paper for filtering liquids, used especially in chemical processes and coffee-making.

    • ‘Moist filter paper resting on a wire mesh an inch and a half above the leaves was sprinkled with cucumber seeds.’
    • ‘Ten soybean seeds were placed on the filter paper of each dish.’
    • ‘Although the filter paper was recognized as non-canopy, much of the mounting was not correctly identified by the software.’
    • ‘Excess liquid was removed by blotting onto a filter paper at the periphery of the grid.’
    • ‘Within the first 2 or 3 days of life, your baby's heel will be pricked and a small sample of her blood will then be applied to a filter paper.’
    • ‘The rough surface of the filter paper, located above the sample, substantially increases the surface area for evaporation.’
    • ‘But they say, just look at the way they fold the filter paper, that shows they are experienced chemists.’
    • ‘Second-generation seeds were placed on a wet filter paper and cold-treated for 1 week at 5°C in a refrigerator.’
    • ‘The DNA sample from the patient is labeled and amplified by PCR and then added to the filter paper.’
    • ‘The presence of growth is indicated by a halo surrounding the filter paper.’
    • ‘What you need is water, and paper - filter paper, like coffee filters, with a high fiber content, very strong and absorbent.’
    • ‘At the beginning of each month the lid was removed and the filter paper was wetted with de-ionized water to simulate the occasional showers that may occur during the dry season.’
    • ‘Leave to strain, undisturbed, through a funnel lined with dampened muslin, or a coffee filter paper, for two or three hours.’
    • ‘Instead, it's seeping over the top of the filter paper, and covering Brad's work surface and kitchen floor with thick soggy granules.’
    • ‘After extraction, the plant material was removed from the filter paper and re-dried.’
    • ‘After 24 hours, there were many particles collected on the filter paper.’
    • ‘Coffee filter paper is perfect for buffing mirrors as it doesn't leave any lint 5.’
    • ‘There researchers show us how they take the frozen samples out of the freezer and cut up the filter paper.’
    • ‘The circles on the filter paper should be filled almost to the black lines.’
    • ‘The filter paper supporting the cells was air-dried until excess water from the medium had evaporated.’