Definition of filter bed in English:

filter bed


  • A tank or pond containing a layer of sand or gravel, used for filtering large quantities of liquid.

    • ‘When we arrived, we saw that the liquid was not passing through the sand, but was ponding on the surface of the filter bed.’
    • ‘A Government inspector rejected a developer's plans to build houses on the filter beds last year after a seven-year battle by campaigners.’
    • ‘A third public inquiry, described as the final showdown in a seven-year battle to stop developers building flats on Surbiton filter beds, got underway this week’
    • ‘The pipe connected the roof to the filter bed that didn't look like a recharge pit.’
    • ‘Subsequently, this undegraded residue blocks the filter beds in lauter tuns, which results in increased run-off times.’
    • ‘All the filter beds are covered with a plastic netting which presents a physical barrier to any emerging fly, and this is being upgraded, at a cost of £100,000, to make it even more effective.’
    • ‘Yorkshire Water will have to do some work on the secondary filter beds in a way that does not risk increasing levels of ammonia and solids going into the river.’
    • ‘The seven filter beds have not been used for years and now have rich grassland, visiting waterfowl, wildflowers and various bats.’
    • ‘A frame which spreads effluent onto one of the 140 filter beds for treatment came off its tracks as the freezing temperatures snapped the driving cable.’
    • ‘With regard to the comments about the sewage works, clearly J Burgess has never been involved in the campaigns to save the filter beds and Tolworth Court Farm as I have.’
    • ‘Since then she has been in the forefront of the fight to keep the Surbiton filter beds free, and in the designation of Long Ditton's part of that area as SOUL land.’
    • ‘The coming of this London Ring Main left many of the filter beds and reservoirs dotted around the capital surplus to requirements - thereby giving their owner, Thames Water, a potential property bonanza.’
    • ‘Once the water is out of the filter beds it becomes ‘potable’.’
    • ‘Thames Water now wants to manage the land directly, possibly as part of its plans to develop the nearby filter beds, and is in the process of taking the land back from Whitbread and Mr Stewart.’
    • ‘Warm water pumped into filter beds (layers of sand or gravel for filtering water) at these treatment plants promotes aquatic insects in winter.’
    • ‘At the Southernwood filter bed 48 mm of rain was registered.’
    • ‘The facility shall be available to recirculate the SBR effluent by gravity onto The High Level filter beds over a range of flows from zero to the maximum design flow from the High Level works.’