Definition of film studio in English:

film studio


  • 1A film production company.

    ‘summer is the time when film studios roll out their big-budget blockbusters’
    • ‘The film will be produced by Pathe, the largest independent film studio in France.’
    • ‘A review of black films released in 2000 shows considerable financial return for film studios.’
    • ‘He is the brain behind a string of movie hits that have turned Fuji TV into one of Japan's top film studios.’
    • ‘Burbank is the home to many television and film studios, including Disney, Warner Brothers, and NBC.’
    • ‘If a film studio executive had hired Carter to write movie soundtracks, American music might have been very different.’
    • ‘The actress, singer and dancer signed a long-term contract with a major film studio, MGM.’
    • ‘When a Hollywood film studio descends on the area the demand for extras from the local village is huge.’
    • ‘Coppola finds today's film studios too focused on box office grosses, stars and executive bonuses.’
    • ‘Established in 1902, Ealing Studios can claim to be the oldest film studio in the world.’
    • ‘He accepted a job as a publicist with United Artists, the film studio then owned by Charlie Chaplain and Douglas Fairbanks.’
    1. 1.1 A place where cinema films are made or produced.
      ‘they converted a disused hockey arena into a 20,000 square foot film studio’
      • ‘For the last eight months of production he got practically no sleep and was more or less living in the film studio with a team of animators.’
      • ‘Now the actor prefers the golf course to the film studio.’
      • ‘Thewlis was eating nasty ravioli from the Shepperton film studios canteen.’
      • ‘The supplements give us the filming of the cooking series as it was performed in the film studio and then as it appeared in the final film.’
      • ‘But next week we are moving to film studios in east London, a much larger space.’
      • ‘Had an interesting day yesterday, went to visit the film studio where I will be working shortly.’
      • ‘Councillors will meet on May 9 to consider plans to build a film studio on the edge of Inverness.’
      • ‘The church had become a film studio and the monastery, the film offices.’
      • ‘Future plans call for a waterfront development comprising residential, light industrial, and office space, film studios, and recreational areas.’
      • ‘She learned German and worked tirelessly at the Babelsberg film studios.’