Definition of film star in English:

film star


  • An actor or actress who is famous for playing leading roles in films.

    • ‘You mostly have to be good if you want to be a film star, but you don't become a film star just by being good.’
    • ‘To be a film star she must be willing to go all the way.’
    • ‘My dentist told me that for that price I could have a set of teeth like a Hollywood film star.’
    • ‘Mel was the kind of man who I thought would be a film star.’
    • ‘There is a message loud and clear for the younger generation to go vegetarian whether one is an ordinary person or a film star.’
    actor, actress, film actor, film actress, leading man, leading woman, leading lady, lead, principal, performer, starlet
    celebrity, celebutante, star, famous actor, famous actress, personality, household name, superstar
    movie star
    matinee idol
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film star