Definition of film production in English:

film production


mass noun
  • 1The process or activity of producing films.

    ‘Mumbai is one of the largest centres of film production in the world’
    as modifier ‘a film production company’
    • ‘The economic structure of Hollywood changed, giving more control over film production to massive corporations.’
    • ‘He was retired from the army and he found a job in film production.’
    • ‘1981 saw UK feature film production at an all-time low of 24 films, compared to 96 in 1971.’
    • ‘Today, these questions are complicated by the intensified globalization of film production and the proliferation of transnational co-productions.’
    • ‘Statistics show that women have a better chance in documentary film production.’
    • ‘The story of the production of the film chronicles a fascinating period in the development of an indigenous film production industry in Scotland.’
    • ‘Then I studied film production at Southern Methodist University.’
    • ‘By the late 1890s, he had developed a successful commercial film production and processing business.’
    • ‘Film production in Australia has always had its ups and downs.’
    • ‘She obviously felt ready to take on the new challenge of film production.’
    1. 1.1count noun A film viewed in terms of its making.
      ‘she has also designed costumes for film productions’
      • ‘In the wake of his first successful film production, Palmer became a Hollywood player.’
      • ‘The children will perform alongside soprano Lesley Garrett in a film production of The Little Prince to be broadcast later in the year.’
      • ‘I needed to know how many people would be in an advance party scouting a site for a film production.’
      • ‘Sofia currently enjoys a booming film industry as the filming ground of several international film productions.’
      • ‘For any aspiring editors, it's an excellent comprehensive look at the nitty-gritty of a film production.’
      • ‘Among this year's projects are eight film productions.’
      • ‘Connecticut is not exactly a state overflowing with independent film productions.’
      • ‘The government plans to end the tax relief scheme for film productions next year.’
      • ‘As is the case with most television and film productions, the show producers wield all of the decision-making power.’
      • ‘It does not have the polished presentation look one normally sees from American film productions.’