Definition of film critic in English:

film critic


  • A person who reviews films, especially one who does so professionally.

    ‘even film critics can change their opinion over time’
    • ‘It's valuable because Hoberman, one of America's best film critics, so astutely pinpoints the intersections between politics and culture.’
    • ‘There sprung up in a new generation of film critics a desire to analyze films stylistically rather than thematically.’
    • ‘I was informed my film was very well received by the film critics and audiences in your country.’
    • ‘Feminist film critics have used this term to analyse the way that mainstream films maintain patriarchal norms.’
    • ‘As a film critic, he might have a different perspective on what makes a good independent film.’
    • ‘His work has been discussed by the major film critics of leading journals.’
    • ‘I've often said I have no visual sense and, when I became a film critic, I had to develop one.’
    • ‘Halloween opened in 1978 to rave reviews from film critics, who quickly declared it a new horror classic.’
    • ‘In the program's early days, Leonard was on board as resident film critic.’
    • ‘White is film critic for the New York Press.’