Definition of film club in English:

film club


  • A group of people who meet regularly to watch films.

    ‘he started a film club at university’
    • ‘The largest pay-out goes to set up a film club at Kirk Hammerton village hall.’
    • ‘In 1953, just before my first term at university, I was invited to join the film club.’
    • ‘A quiet, sensitive small-town boy, Jones first met Art at a college film club.’
    • ‘She's holding discussions with people across the town who have previously been involved in setting up film clubs and cinemas.’
    • ‘Vogel escaped Vienna in 1938 to land in New York City, where by 1947 he had founded a film club that soon boasted 6,000 members.’
    • ‘We also live within relatively short distances from a number of theatres, cinemas and film clubs.’
    • ‘£500,000 has been earmarked to help film clubs throughout the country to show popular films to residents in remote villages.’
    • ‘The film club will present a screening of Le homme de train in the centre on the 16th of the month.’
    • ‘Campus film clubs were thriving.’
    • ‘This film club for parents and babies meets at 11 am every other Wednesday.’