Definition of fillister in English:



  • 1A rebate for holding a sash window.

    1. 1.1also fillister plane A rebate plane.
      • ‘In spite of the early appearance of the adjustable fillister, it doesn't appear that they were ever very popular, since to the best of my knowledge, no other early adjustable sash fillisters made by New England planemakers exist.’
      • ‘It is possible, of course, to cut this rabbet with a conventional fillister.’
      • ‘Joint planes, which accounted for 24 percent of the total, were made up of fourteen different types and included rabbets, standing fillisters, plows and panel planes.’
      • ‘Around 1800, edge-cutting astragal and hollow planes appeared, although the rebates were still cut using the sash fillister.’
      • ‘The rebate would have been cut with a moving or standing fillister and the ovolo cut with a moulding plane that might well have also been used in other more general purpose joinery.’
      • ‘As with the sash fillister, Francis was attempting to provide the trade with a tool that was easier to use without sacrificing accuracy.’


Early 19th century: perhaps from French feuilleret.