Definition of filleter in English:



  • See fillet

    • ‘That does not include all the jobs of shipwrights, engineers, ice-makers, electronic experts, and fish filleters, which will be put at risk.’
    • ‘Two years after the mysterious disappearance of her elder sister, a Fleetwood fish filleter is haunted by the need to know what happened.’
    • ‘You just couldn't get a good fish filleter for love nor money, and he was absolutely certain that none of the penguins he knew washed their flippers before meals.’
    • ‘We have spoken to various equipment manufacturers and they all agree that existing filleters can be modified to effectively get rid of the pin bones, for instance by pulling them out like a salmon's instead of cutting them out.’
    • ‘The Task Force on Training & Employment in 2001 highlighted the widespread demand for fish filleters in both the processing/wholesale and retail sectors.’