Definition of fill something out in English:

fill something out

phrasal verb

North American
  • 1Add information to complete an official form or document.

    • ‘The Garda then fills out a form for the Garda liaison officer who in turn provides the victim support co-ordinator with the information, which remains confidential.’
    • ‘The chosen one fills out a form about themselves.’
    • ‘I have an accountant who fills out my tax return.’
    • ‘Otherwise, anyone wanting to talk fills out a form at the nearby Kreta Ayer Police Post (their names stay on file for five years) and shows proof of citizenship.’
    • ‘After the movie I was walking through the diner and noticed a women filling out some kind of report.’
    • ‘Thus every New Hampshire voter fills out a paper ballot.’
    • ‘Once we filled it out and sent it in, we were officially a private school.’
    • ‘A few seconds later she sits down and fills out a report on him.’
    • ‘Each patient fills out a menu card to order their meals.’
    • ‘Anyone who comes in and fills out a questionnaire will get a free video rental from Video Solutions.’
    complete, answer, fill up
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    1. 1.1 Give more details about something.
      ‘further research will fill out these early findings’
      • ‘And there are several bits that would have filled the piece out: Side-effects from Plan B are less than in previous morning-after pills.’
      • ‘Although the bulk of the character was already in place on the page, he filled it out with some detail of his own.’
      • ‘Stechow's survey has been refined and filled out in considerable detail.’
      • ‘Many geological expeditions have explored the Antarctic Peninsula and their discoveries have filled out many of the missing gaps in the fossil record of the continent.’
      • ‘We have spoken to another man whose account fills out what Stewart says he saw.’
      • ‘I''m going to write in generalities and then I'll fill out the rest of the story.’
      • ‘Portman fills out the character with a distinct kind of ecstatic fire.’
      • ‘I'd like to try and fill out what he was getting at.’
      • ‘This meticulously researched book fills out his life and its achievements.’
      • ‘Though the term was borrowed from the science of immunology, its new meaning was filled out with ideas derived from influential contemporary trends, notably environmentalism, alternative health and New Age mysticism.’
      expand, enlarge, add to, round out, elaborate, add detail to, add substance to, flesh out, add flesh to, put flesh on the bones of
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