Definition of fill in in English:

fill in

phrasal verb

  • Act as a substitute for someone when they are unable to do their job.

    ‘my producer will have to have someone standing by to fill in for me’
    • ‘He even filled in as a coach for his son's soccer team in West Virginia two summers ago.’
    • ‘We note that neither is the Prime Minister present, and nor is the Deputy Prime Minister, who normally fills in for her.’
    • ‘Redd filled in admirably for the injured Ray Allen, posting 21 points.’
    • ‘I found someone to fill in for Ellen, and she's doing a great job!’
    • ‘Marky Ramone fills in on drums and former Black Flag member Dez Cadena slings guitar.’
    • ‘Some of the members are also part of other groups, sometimes even filling in as extras in the Cleveland Orchestra.’
    • ‘As Cross's beautiful assistant, Monica Potter fills in for Ashley Judd, who didn't return from the first one.’
    • ‘In the absence of first-hand testimony, conjecture fills in.’
    • ‘He filled in as a vocalist on a few of their earlier albums, but they've got a new guy for this one.’
    • ‘With Brooks absent because of a knock, the little-used Frost filled in at left-back.’
    substitute, deputize, stand in, cover, provide cover, take over, act, act as deputy, act as stand-in, sit in, act as understudy, understudy, be a proxy, act as locum tenens
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