Definition of fill-up in English:



  • An instance of filling something, especially the fuel tank of a car.

    ‘drivers are never far from a fill-up’
    • ‘Apart from the obvious financial benefits of running a diesel-powered car, plus the convenience of longer ranges between fuel fill-ups, there is the massive mid-range pulling power.’
    • ‘They passed off Samantha like a baton, alternately sprinting through the relay of grocery shopping, dry cleaning drop-offs, and gas tank fill-ups.’
    • ‘Given a 70-litre tank, the car has a theoretical range of over 700 miles between fill-ups.’
    • ‘In reality, a 50-cents-a-gallon increase in gasoline prices means that a 12-gallon fill-up would cost an extra $6 per tank.’
    • ‘Car rental agencies offer prepaid fill-ups when you return the vehicle.’
    • ‘If you don't want to spring for a fuel flow meter, you can calculate your fuel mileage by dividing distance traveled by gallons at fill-up.’
    • ‘With the fuel tank holding 13.6 gallons, fill-ups become infrequent.’
    • ‘Around 30 mpg from all driving conditions is about the best you'll do in the 2.0, and with fuel tank size at just 50 litres, fill-ups are frequent.’
    • ‘No, it's just this cheap phone I got free with a gas fill-up.’
    • ‘No locking petrol cap to wrestle with, in fact, no petrol cap at all to touch, making fill-ups the cleanest ever.’
    • ‘This gives a range of less than 400 miles between fill-ups.’
    • ‘In parallel with this research, BMW has also developed a robot refuelling system which keeps the temperature below minus 250C, and means that a fill-up takes less than three minutes.’
    • ‘Guy was a strong, healthy baby, with an appetite to match, waking regularly at four hourly intervals for a fill-up.’
    • ‘With a fill-up and wash, which is what I was getting, it's $2.61.’
    • ‘One fill-up alone could save you more than your annual membership dues.’
    • ‘Last week I drove into the neighborhood gas station for my weekly fill-up and oil check.’
    • ‘During our last fill-up, I couldn't help imagining how life would change if my household gasoline expenses suddenly went from about $110 a month to $140 a week.’
    • ‘The Honda Insight (a two-seater) and the Toyota Prius (four passengers) will get up to 70 miles per gallon and cruise 600 miles or more between fill-ups.’
    • ‘Noise levels are low at all times, and the car makes short work of long journeys, with the 80 litre fuel tank giving at least 600 miles between fill-ups.’
    • ‘John Luber reached the breaking point when he took the family SUV for a fill-up recently and the pump didn't stop spinning until it hit $65.’