Definition of filet in English:


Pronunciation /ˈfiːleɪ//ˈfɪlɪt/


  • 1

    ‘filet de boeuf’
    French spelling of fillet, used especially in the names of French or French-sounding dishes
    • ‘A dish of veal medallions turned out to be more like well-done, dryish filets of baby beef.’
    • ‘Lately in the market, you find it in all sorts of forms - burgers and filets and ground turkey and turkey meatballs.’
    • ‘To cook the sea trout filets, heat a non-stick frying pan until hot and add the olive oil.’
    • ‘Remove the filets from the marinade and place on the grill to mark or until desired doneness.’
    • ‘As we chatted, our salads and pizzas and chicken and pork filets were as fine as anywhere in Sofia.’
    • ‘Anthony had ordered a plate of pan-seared cod filet in a creamy raspberry sauce with a side dish of salad.’
    • ‘Bring to a simmer for four minutes; add the snapper filets and continue to simmer until all of the clam shells are open and the snapper is cooked through.’
    • ‘Small beef filets, mounted on croutons, got a garlicky, mustard-spiked red-wine sauce one evening, and a stack of deftly scalloped potatoes.’
    • ‘Dredge both sides of the filets with the seasoning-mixture.’
    • ‘Add filets flesh-side down and marinate, covered for 30 min in refrigerator.’
    • ‘I slice off two medallions of the stuffed lamb filet.’
    • ‘In another bowl, combine the red mullet filets, sea salt, and thyme and marinate for 25 minutes.’
    • ‘Let simmer 1 kg of codfish filets in this bouillon for 10 minutes.’
    • ‘We museum men had filets cooked exactly as ordered while our companion ate catfish.’
    • ‘To serve, remove the filets and potatoes from the oven.’
    • ‘Now there were filets of flaky white stuff drowned in a red sauce.’
    • ‘Place the salmon filets on the grill and cook until desired doneness.’
    • ‘Season the filets with salt and pepper and sear the filets on both sides.’
    • ‘Edges allowed better butchering to cut choice filets away from the carcass shortly after the lions left and before the hyenas came.’
    • ‘Sear the filets on both sides until desired doneness.’
  • 2mass noun A kind of net or lace with a square mesh.

    • ‘Similar looks can be achieved by using filet or foam-board spacers between matboards.’
    openwork, lacework, tatting, netting, net, tulle, meshwork, mesh, webbing
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