Definition of file copy in English:

file copy


  • 1A copy of a letter or document which is kept on file.

    ‘the original and a file copy were retained for the record’
    • ‘I will get the file copy sent to me.’
    • ‘There are no file copies between January 13 and March 3, 1978.’
    • ‘Bluetts kept file copies of the major London auctions in a numerical series.’
    • ‘All reports, duplicates and file copies should be signed in full, not initialled.’
    • ‘She warned me that not only had the pamphlet been long out of print, but that I was getting a precious file copy.’
    • ‘The file copies of the tax returns were recently produced but without the notices of assessment which would have served to verify the accuracy of the returns.’
    • ‘The firm gave the CHS its file copies of books it had printed or inherited over the years, so the record of its accomplishments is preserved.’
    • ‘Hmmmm, maybe I didn't write the date on the file copy after all, maybe I wrote it on an envelope,.’
    • ‘Photocopy all file copies before handing out originals.’
    • ‘Most designers are happy to supply samples so long as they are not down to their final file copies.’
  • 2Computing
    An operation in which data is copied to another location.

    ‘the program lets you smoothly perform a file copy while Windows is booting’
    • ‘It is too hard to ensure that all the code throughout your application can be run safely while a file copy operation is in progress.’
    • ‘A straight file copy, in fact, usually is sufficient for a "complete" backup, unless a database server is running.’
    • ‘If this file copy is part of a backup or archive operation, it'd probably be a mistake to leave the Archive attribute on.’
    • ‘After dutifully entering in this information, the file copy started.’
    • ‘The first runs Outlook and Internet Explorer in the foreground while performing a file copy in the background.’