Definition of filarial in English:



  • See filaria

    • ‘Infection with filarial nematodes is lifelong and individual adult worms can survive for 5 years or more within the parasitized host.’
    • ‘Acute filarial fever, in fact, can often look like an attack of an other disease that is rampant in many of the same countries where filariasis is common: malaria.’
    • ‘Here, then, was a possible explanation for the effectiveness of antibiotics against filarial nematodes.’
    • ‘The human body is the host, the filarial nematode worm the agent, and the mosquito that picks up microfilariae during feeding the transmitter of the disease.’
    • ‘Perhaps, at some stage long ago, the bacteria were transferred from insects to nematodes, since filarial nematodes reside in insects during some stages of their life cycles.’