Definition of Fijian in English:



  • Relating to Fiji, its people, or their language.

    • ‘Consequently, their welfare is far from what the Cuban and Fijian counterparts are enjoying at the moment.’
    • ‘Boxes of sewing materials are sent to Fijian mothers.’
    • ‘And Ms Harrison said some Fijian ladies have their eyes on the banana flowers, which give great flavour to a curry.’
    • ‘York pressed again from the kick-off and were awarded a penalty when Fijian winger Rob Kama, who had looked dangerous on a number of occasions in the first half, was prevented from releasing the ball.’
    • ‘Even now - after final confirmation that the highly dangerous Fijian strain of flu has killed two children and is the suspected cause of a third death - public health officials are refusing to reveal where the cases happened.’
    • ‘The inquest was told that it was part of Fijian culture for the men to drink until they collapsed and that they drank in a group, pouring the beer into a half pint glass which they all shared.’
    • ‘She left her home in political disarray after a coup led by ethnic Fijian rebel George Spreight broke out in her country last May.’
    • ‘Lacking any legitimacy in the eyes of Indo-Fijians and many ethnic Fijian working people, the regime has been unable to stabilise the political and economic situation and relies upon continued emergency rule.’
    • ‘Heading into court in traditional Fijian sulu skirt, Speight looked calmly confident.’
    • ‘Australia will be training and equipping the contingent of 163 Fijian troops, which will provide security for U.N. election officials.’
    • ‘In stark contrast to Hawaii, colonial law in Fiji enforced a distinctive Fijian way of life.’
    • ‘This wise Fijian homily was part of a dinner discussion aboard and I thought back to the fisherboy.’
    • ‘There are also a large number of Fijian Indians and Indians from Southeast Asia.’
    • ‘Linguists (people who study languages) usually refer to the Fijian language as a mix of about 300 dialects.’
    • ‘Then there was that Fijian woman who I met at the Thrift Store, which support battered women and children.’
    • ‘Blackpool are just above them at the foot of the table but have been boosted recently by an influx of Fijian players who are apparently in this country serving in the army and based in Blackpool.’
    • ‘It is, after all, the national game there, as it is in Tonga and Samoa, and I can recall the pleasure of seeing so many Fijian youngsters playing touch rugby on the beaches.’
    • ‘Australia is the largest market for Fijian manufactured goods and an air services agreement between the two countries guarantees a high number of Australian tourists to the Pacific country.’
    • ‘This contest was no different, but it was clear from the time that referee Alan Lewis first put his whistle to his lips that it would be Fijian invention which triumphed.’
    • ‘The true figure is clearly not enough because so far on tour this Fijian side has looked promising in bursts but cannot sustain any threat throughout 80 minutes.’


  • 1A native or inhabitant of Fiji, or a person of Fijian descent.

    • ‘All these developments will improve the real national welfare of Fijians by around 0.51 per cent.’
    • ‘Thousands of Fijians, who were forced to flee after the previous coups, held protest meetings and marches in Australia and New Zealand over the weekend.’
    • ‘Before the arrival of Europeans, the Fijians were well-known for their weapons, and especially their war clubs.’
    • ‘Sales of land became increasingly provocative of friction as Fijians began to assert claims against each other and then to sell the disputed areas.’
    • ‘Many conservative Fijians vehemently opposed the suggestion that ‘Fijian’ could fulfil this role.’
    • ‘If large Fijians applied they generally got in.’
    • ‘As for ‘sacrifice’, we may be at the very basis of differences between Fijians and other populations in Fiji.’
    • ‘But there has been little return to the common Fijians.’
    • ‘He was Fiji's greatest leader in modern times, but Fijians have been kept in the dark about his death.’
    • ‘With the creation of Fiji Friday, a new weekly feature on aspects of the way both Fijians and visiting tourists eat, I plan to share a little look at this beautiful island way of life.’
    • ‘During the 1980s there was a Special Loan Scheme for Fijians who wanted to start a business, and there was also a Fijian Scholarship Scheme.’
    • ‘But suddenly, out of nothing, the Fijians sparked into life and produced a spell of powerful attacking rugby which had Wales rocking on their heels.’
    • ‘The Fijians have endured mixed pre-World Cup fortunes’
    • ‘I have presented some views and visions by Fijians who are engaged either practically or ideologically in ‘business’.’
    • ‘This is especially true for Tongans, Tahitians and Fijians.’
    • ‘Up to five Fijians could figure in the All Blacks team which entertains Milford Marlins at White Rose Avenue in the National Conference second division.’
    • ‘She said that ‘the culture of silence’ should be broken as Fijians were hesitant to speak out when they had conflicting points of view.’
    • ‘The Americans were constantly honey-potting towards the ball, and the Fijians should have scored every time, but they just blew it.’
    • ‘I very much hope that Fijians will use this opportunity to act decisively to uphold the rule of law.’
    • ‘Native Americans and Fijians firewalked and a number of Christian saints were said to have firewalked for their faith.’
  • 2mass noun The Austronesian language of the indigenous people of Fiji.

    • ‘It is not clear whether languages other than English, Fijian or Hindi were included.’
    • ‘Wesleyan Missionaries developed a written form of Fijian in 1850.’
    • ‘English is the official language in Fiji, though Fijian and Hindustani are also spoken.’
    • ‘We've made a thirty minute video where these people speak in Fijian and that's being shown all around the country.’