Definition of figmental in English:



  • Existing only in the imagination; fictitious.

    ‘a figmental enemy’
    • ‘He retains a figmental vision of a "pasture in the countryside" in North Carolina that serves as a home in his head whenever he needs a ready refuge.’
    • ‘H. G. Wells invented a weird figmental lunar life.’
    • ‘In their figmental construction of the world, "remorselessly hunting down people who had done nothing whatever to hurt them" was a sensible act.’
    • ‘This sudden appearance of a figmental creature is exploited by the performer, and she often uses it to create suspense.’
    • ‘The beauty that I thought I had known, even Bella's, now seemed delusive and figmental.’
    unreal, non-existent, fictional, fictitious, pretend, make-believe, mythical, mythological, legendary, storybook, fanciful, fantastic
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