Definition of fighting fish in English:

fighting fish

(also Siamese fighting fish)


  • A small labyrinth fish native to Thailand, the males of which fight vigorously. It has been bred in a variety of colours for aquaria.

    Betta splendens, family Belontiidae

    • ‘A male Siamese fighting fish is so possessive of his female that he'll sometimes attack his own mirror image (what he lacks in brains, he makes up for in feistiness).’
    • ‘This is for the girl who was calling about her Japanese fighting fish, which is actually called a Siamese fighting fish.’
    • ‘Two male fighting fish do not usually fight to the death; the loser just flees the scene.’
    • ‘Previous studies on Siamese fighting fish and toads, as well as on humans and other primates, have yielded similar results.’
    • ‘Some others, like the Siamese fighting fish, are capable of breathing air in addition to extracting oxygen from the water with their gills.’