Definition of fighter pilot in English:

fighter pilot


  • A pilot who flies a fast military aircraft designed for attacking other aircraft.

    ‘he was one of the RAF's most experienced fighter pilots’
    • ‘He isn't happy being forced to remain on the home front, especially since his son is risking his life daily as a fighter pilot.’
    • ‘The fighter pilots don't need to see the smugglers to mark them with their radar.’
    • ‘This training is more commonly associated with fighter pilots forced to bail out over enemy territory.’
    • ‘Born in France, where her father, an RCAF fighter pilot, was based in 1957, she is one of four kids.’
    • ‘As part of their primary mission, NATO fighter pilots sit on continuous alert, ready to intercept and identify uninvited aircraft.’
    • ‘In this more modern era, it takes a minimum of four years to train a fighter pilot, even longer for a battalion commander.’
    • ‘Luftwaffe history is replete with legends of indomitable German fighter pilots.’
    • ‘During the Battle of Britain its resources were severely stretched, with the life expectation for fighter pilots down to four or five weeks.’
    • ‘A US fighter pilot responsible for the destruction of two airliners, O'Brien is recruited to fly for a mercenary outfit.’
    • ‘And I was going through pre-flight down in Georgia, getting ready to become a Marine fighter pilot.’