Definition of fighter jet in English:

fighter jet


  • A fast jet-powered military aircraft designed for attacking other aircraft.

    ‘above us, F-16 fighter jets patrolled the skies’
    • ‘Two civilian air controllers had been told by the military air traffic control centre to turn back the plane, but when they failed to follow the order, the fighter jet was scrambled.’
    • ‘Two US Air Force pilots described how they were plucked from the desert after their F-14 fighter jet crashed in a ball of flames.’
    • ‘And then I saw a squadron of fighter jets suddenly go roaring overhead.’
    • ‘The employment of heat-seeking missiles and modern machine guns still requires the pilot to point the nose of the fighter jet at the target.’
    • ‘The company is now processing an order for the next-generation fighter jet, the F-35, that both the US and the UK have signed up to buy.’
    • ‘Both the White House and the Capitol quickly evacuated, and fighter jets scrambled to move the Cessna out of the area.’
    • ‘He said experiencing the power and acceleration of the fighter jet was exhilarating, but physically draining.’
    • ‘A Russian Sukhoi-30 fighter jet crashed into the ground during the Paris Air Show.’
    • ‘We later learned that our flight was escorted on the final legs by two F-16 fighter jets.’
    • ‘The company has more than 50 years experience in fighter jet radar equipment, including systems for the Tornado and Sea Harrier jets.’
    • ‘He served in the National Guard as a fighter jet pilot during the Vietnam era.’