Definition of fight someone/something off in English:

fight someone/something off

phrasal verb

  • Defend oneself against an attack by someone or something.

    ‘Candice fought her assailant off’
    figurative ‘well-fed people are better able to fight off infectious disease’
    • ‘Sleep helps bolster your immune system so that you can fight off viruses.’
    • ‘A crowd watched High Chaparral, ridden by Murtagh, fight off a challenge from his stablemate in the 223rd running of the race.’
    • ‘I was too dazed to fight her off.’
    • ‘I then thought it was pointless trying to fight him off.’
    • ‘Some scientist fear a buildup of such materials would eventually sabotage a person's ability to fight off infection.’
    repel, repulse, beat off, stave off, ward off, hold off, fend off, hold at bay, keep at bay, drive away, drive back, force back, beat back, push back, resist
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