Definition of fight one's corner in English:

fight one's corner


  • Defend one's position or interests.

    ‘we need someone in the cabinet to fight our corner’
    • ‘From the outset he fought her corner, insisting her point of view be heard.’
    • ‘He was the master of coercion and a really, really good guy to have fighting your corner.’
    • ‘As a businesswoman, I am used to fighting my corner.’
    • ‘She's the perfect advocate; she fights my corner.’
    • ‘Nor, generally, do you get where you want to in rugby without fighting your corner vigorously, off the pitch as well as on it.’
    • ‘I fought my corner to the very last, though, and as we waited at the check-out I gave it a final shot.’
    • ‘We took legal advice and spent a lot of money fighting our corner but the university people knew how to play the system.’
    • ‘The same ferocity with which a young, disadvantaged Motherwell side have fought their corner for much of the league campaign was the game's most compelling feature.’
    • ‘But Mr Jones fought his corner and delivered a prepared, three-minute speech pressing his argument that public services needed to be reformed and firms had to deal with the increasing demands of competition.’
    • ‘The company argues that the fact the shareholders are getting anything at all - something some creditors fiercely opposed at the time - was only because the company fought their corner.’