Definition of fig parrot in English:

fig parrot


  • A very small short-tailed Australasian parrot, with mainly green plumage and a coloured head, feeding on soft fruit.

    Genera Opopsitta and Psittaculirostris, family Psittacidae: five species

    Also called lorilet
    • ‘The requirements for Fig parrots and most of the requirements for the Australian Lorikeets only seem to differ in that figs have been seen to be a major food source and necessary requirement for the Fig parrots.’
    • ‘Also look for fig parrots and bumpy satinash which produces big white and golden flowers right down the trunk to ground level, providing nectar for pygmy possums at night.’
    • ‘Unlike many larger parrots, fig parrots feed very quietly on the kernels of many tiny seeds, including those of figs, buttonwood and ironwood.’