Definition of fifteenth in English:


ordinal number

  • 1Constituting number fifteen in a sequence; 15th.

    ‘August the fifteenth’
    ‘the fifteenth century’
    ‘on the fifteenth floor’
    • ‘Graham Barrow's side currently sit fifteenth in the League Two table.’
    • ‘Of all the major versions of humanism, the Renaissance humanism that developed in Italy during the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries has been the most influential.’
    • ‘She knew exactly which key to go to, counting the fifteenth in from the right.’
    • ‘‘For the play on the fifteenth of December, we need people for the light and sound crew,’ I stated.’
    • ‘It was his birthday, his fifteenth, but there would be no celebration.’
    • ‘They made another appointment for the fifteenth.’
    • ‘You get a healthy five episodes, which brings us to the fifteenth out of thirty-nine in the series.’
    • ‘By the fifteenth hole the crowds had started to form around this new sensation on the course.’
    • ‘It was their fifteenth year as a band and, after enduring some lean times commercially, they were now one of the biggest concert acts in the US.’
    • ‘This elite had no formal place in the fifteenth century constitutions and was therefore not subject to direct control.’
    • ‘The emergence of colleges such as Winchester and Eton in the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries spearheaded the transition to modern forms of school organization and buildings.’
    • ‘Around the fifteenth would be the best for me,’ she said and dug into her salad, Kat just stared at her.’
    • ‘It's been just under two weeks - today is January the fifteenth.’
    • ‘How can you judge a scientist from this century against somebody who was working in the fourteenth or fifteenth century?’
    • ‘Yes, tomorrow is the fifteenth, you're quite right.’
    • ‘The fair, as a harvest festival with distant pagan origins, takes place in the hot mid-September (the fifteenth, as we can work out from Henchard's great oath the next day).’
    • ‘‘I think you made that clear sometime between the first and the fifteenth time you said it,’ he told me.’
    • ‘We lost our fifteenth in Seattle, and I reached a decision.’
    • ‘Katie said for what felt like the fifteenth time that morning.’
    • ‘This issue of the journal, the fifteenth in the New Series, contains contributions on an array of topics written by scholars in the United States, Spain, Italy and Australia.’
    1. 1.1 An organ stop sounding a register of pipes two octaves (fifteen notes) above the diapason.
  • 2Each of fifteen equal parts into which something is or may be divided.

    • ‘Mr Howard said that on the Defendants' secondary case (by reference to Schedule 4 to the Claimants’ closing submissions), three fourteenths or three fifteenths of US $79.5 million would have been payable by the Defendants in August 2000.’
    • ‘In 1225 the government levied a tax on moveables at the rate of a fifteenth, but took care to show its concern for newly established constitutional proprieties through a definitive reissue of the charters.’