Definition of fieldwork in English:



  • 1mass noun Practical work conducted by a researcher in the natural environment, rather than in a laboratory or office.

    • ‘He has been conducting fieldwork and interviewing software developers in and out of the workplace in the United States.’
    • ‘In Greenland, they conducted fieldwork along with other geologists who had come on the same ship.’
    • ‘On weekends when the ground wasn't dry, the couple ventured to remote spots throughout Oregon to do fieldwork.’
    • ‘The program will integrate coursework with fieldwork in environmental studies.’
    • ‘Advanced degree programs include classroom and fieldwork, laboratory research, and a dissertation or thesis.’
    • ‘It is the largest set of linguistic fieldwork interviews ever conducted, and involved asking people to tell the BBC about what they say and the way they say it.’
    • ‘During each field season, fieldwork was conducted on a daily basis.’
    • ‘The majority of fieldwork was conducted in the Sella Creek gold mining area.’
    • ‘Seasonality also has an impact on both drug use patterns and the ability of project staff to do outreach and conduct fieldwork.’
    • ‘Donham reminds us of the difficulties in conducting fieldwork in such a part of the world.’
    • ‘And even though he spends his working hours doing fieldwork, O'Neill never tires of being in nature.’
    • ‘Piot, 53, originally made his name as one of the doctors who helped isolate the Ebola virus after conducting fieldwork in Zaire in 1976.’
    • ‘Each of the authors draws on ethnographic fieldwork they have conducted separately in Tanzania and Malawi.’
    • ‘Rather, the focus here will be firmly upon my own and other researchers' experiences of practical issues which arise in the course of fieldwork with offenders.’
    • ‘Research projects, fieldwork, and dietetic rotations in ethnic communities would be helpful.’
    • ‘For faculty, this is the season to wind up courses and begin fieldwork and writing projects.’
    • ‘The following examples come from four of the five holiday centres where fieldwork was conducted.’
    • ‘I assembled a team to conduct fieldwork, and began by comparing Uring's map with the modern topography along the river.’
    • ‘He recently conducted fieldwork in the Western Desert of Egypt and in Tunisia.’
    • ‘Only an unusually determined researcher could have pursued the idea through fieldwork in the natural history tradition.’
  • 2rare A temporary fortification.

    • ‘The Spanish adopted their usual tactic of forming up their arquebusiers behind a stout fieldwork, and keeping their foot and cavalry in reserve behind these.’
    • ‘Hardee's men collided with Federal skirmishers before daylight, and the Confederates soon struck three Union divisions without fieldworks under Brig.’
    • ‘Again GPS technology empowered art, as a digital aerial imaging sensor, an aerial photography system, satellite data, and 3D remote sensing software captured the vibrant, burgeoning fieldworks from planes and satellites.’
    rampart, defensive wall, defences, bulwark, palisade, stockade, redoubt, earthwork, outwork, bastion, parapet, battlement, blockhouse, barricade, buttress, stronghold
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