Definition of field mushroom in English:

field mushroom


  • An edible mushroom with a whitish cap and gills that turn dark grey, growing in open grassland in north temperate regions.

    Agaricus campestris, family Agaricaceae; a related species, Agaricus bisporus, is widely grown commercially

    • ‘Madame X had the medallions of beef fillet with field mushrooms, celeriac gratin, watercress purée and cep jus for €23.50.’
    • ‘I had the confit of pork with black pudding, truffle mashed potatoes and grilled field mushrooms and a portion of spinach for €19.75.’
    • ‘Nor is the name agaric restricted, as would have been convenient, to the ‘true’ mushrooms, of the genus Agaricus, such as the common field mushroom, the cultivated mushroom, and their numerous close relations.’
    • ‘One of the most common edible wild mushrooms is the field mushroom, or pinky, so-called because of its pink gills.’
    • ‘On the top of the pile was a large mushroom which weighed in at 830 grams - the largest field mushroom the fruit and vegetable shop owner has seen in 30 years in the trade.’
    • ‘She spent hours looking through books trying to determine what the fungi were and has come to the conclusion they are giant puffballs, but she had thought they were huge field mushrooms.’
    • ‘How about this for a starter: a field mushroom with slices of black pudding on top in a tomato and onion sauce with a poached egg over the lot?’
    • ‘I went for pan-fried chicken livers with dressed salad and Catherine chose baked field mushrooms with pate in a kind of port wine sauce.’
    • ‘Edible varieties such as penny buns, chanterelles and field mushrooms - along with dozens of others - can be foraged from Britain's forests and fields.’
    • ‘Later in the summer, the hillside was speckled in white with the finest and most flavoursome field mushrooms in the county.’
    • ‘And after a bracing swim we would gather bags of field mushrooms around the little watch-tower at the top of the hill.’
    • ‘Two well-flavoured pork escalopes were breaded and fried, and served with a field mushroom and proper mash.’
    • ‘I'd be willing to pay twice that just to enjoy some amazing field mushrooms and the ambience alone.’
    • ‘Or, best of all, gather wild field mushrooms, which are a different species than cultivated mushrooms and have a gorgeous deep flavour.’
    • ‘The new cafe in Habitat opens at 10 am for breakfast, which includes scrambled eggs with grilled field mushrooms, poached eggs on toast and fresh fruit salad.’
    • ‘The chargrilled fillet steak with creamed potatoes and roasted field mushrooms was ordered medium rare and arrived medium.’
    • ‘Scotland produces all sorts of edible wild mushrooms - parasols, horse mushrooms, field mushrooms and wood blewits to name but a few - but you must be sure of what they are before eating them or you could end up in hospital or worse.’
    • ‘The risotto had the perfect balance between the liquid and the solid, was made with top grade stock and was packed with squidgy chunks of field mushrooms.’
    • ‘The service and the food were both excellent, kicking off with an amuse-bouche of truffled field mushroom soup (obviously popular in Brighton) and pressed pork with capers and parsley and a hint of balsamic sweetness.’
    • ‘I had pan-fried chicken breast with field mushrooms, sautéed red onions and whole grain mustard sauce.’