Definition of field gun in English:

field gun


  • A light mounted gun suitable for use on a battlefield.

    ‘they came under intense fire from enemy field guns’
    as modifier ‘a field gun crew’
    • ‘Indian defence scientists have embarked on developing an indigenous 155 mm field gun.’
    • ‘The brigadier sized up the situation and saw the enemy's field guns to be too well-entrenched.’
    • ‘The guns needed crews of up to 12 men to work them and the shells weighed up to 900lb, making firing the field guns a laborious process.’
    • ‘By the afternoon, British forces had advanced inland to the village of Crepon, where a German field gun had been installed in farmland.’
    • ‘The day began with a field gun display from the Sea Cadet Corps and a drill by the Air Training Corps.’
    • ‘War planes old and modern are suspended overhead, a V2 rocket stands erect and field guns are scattered about the place.’
    • ‘Riders in uniform trotted past the palace to Green Park, where six field guns fired 41 blank rounds.’
    • ‘With the first deep stroke of Big Ben, and the echoing boom of the field gun, the two minute silence begins.’
    • ‘From prehistoric spears to massive modern field guns, mankind has always found a way to launch projectiles at enemies.’
    • ‘I used to love watching the Royal Tournament and particularly the field gun race as a child.’